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Professional development trainings either STICK or SUCK.
Badass Trainer Bootcamp is all about increasing the STICK – the transfer of learning so what is learned in the training room is applied in the real world.


This Badass Trainer Bootcamp is designed just for you, the extraordinary trainer looking to reach for more, give more, be better.READ MORE

Using a unique, research-proven, time-tested, blueprint, this experience actually gets the content into your bones.

Based on the work of Leah Kyaio, Mindset Scaffolding: The Art of Changing Their Mind, this learning experience explores, expands, and practices the full Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint. Participants receive a copy of the book and exclusive access to the correlating workbook.

It's an immersion experience that will take your training abilities to the next level - no matter where you are now - and even further than you may have realized was possible!

Are you ready to go on, what may be, your single best badass learning experience ever?

We offer two learning environments:

One is 6 days done over three weekends (Friday-Saturday three consecutive weekends).

The other is a 5-day immersion.

Either way, the content and experience are comparable. You experience what it is, learn about the why and how. Along the way you are practicing and scaffolding so you travel the full Learning Model.

Ready to land the "stick"?

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Leah Kyaio has been doing diversity & inclusion training since 1995, and started With Respect in 2011. We now offer trainings nationally, from Washington State to Washington, DC. We’ve trained government agencies, educational organizations, community-based services, law enforcement and more. Want to be part of the training team? Badass Trainer Bootcamp is the first step. Join us NOW!

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

"…we were taught how to create a program that holds the presenter to a standard that will assure the participants attain the learning outcomes.
The knowledge and experience that Leah Kyaio brings to her training has a foundation on her interdisciplinary knowledge and depth of experience. In a graceful way, she brings all the strands of knowing into an attainable fashion which has given me the confidence in my ability to build on for years to come.
Based on a professionally developed rubric of success, this certification means more than simply an attendance of the program. The certificate represents a standard upon which my confidence is based when developing and presenting workshops and trainings that will actually make a difference in people’s lives."

Karen Lynch
Karen Lynch Invite Change

"The content has been so relevant in my presentations, I almost didn't realize HOW life-changing the experience was until I applied it to my work. Thank you, Leah, for finding a way to share your 20+ years of learning in a way that is relevant, applicable, and content changing."

Ebie Andrew
Ebie Andrew Mending Hoop Community & Ranch

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